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  • Social Security & Health Benefits in Belgium

    Information on the Belgian national health care, with details on who benefits, where and how to register with the authorities and what contributions and benefits to expect.

  • Health, Doctors, Hospitals & the Belgian Medical System

    Find out what to expect from the Belgian medical system if you're moving there to live and work or to retire. Understand how to register with the system and what to do in the event of an emergency.

  • Health Care Abroad - Europe

    Information on social security coordination between EU member states for obtaining medical coverage and planned health care. Find out how and when to obtain the S1 form which replaces the E106, E109, E120, E121, and the S2 form which replaces the E112.

Health & Medical Insurance - 7 Listings

  • Euromut

    One of the largest health insurance funds in Belgium. Comprehensive range of policies including extra allowances for hospital care, birth premium, orthodontics and osteopathy. At Boulevard Louis Mettewie 74-76, B-1080 Brussels.

  • M2H

    Health insurance for expatriates, commuters, foreign students and au pairs. Based in Brussels.

  • Mutualite Liberale du Brabant

    Brussels based company offering a comprehensive range of health-care policies, including cover for hospitalisation, holiday cover and home-care. With 13 offices in Brussels. At Boulevard Anspach 1, 1000 Brussels.

  • Mutualite Neutre

    Healthcare and insurance, accident insurance, funeral expenses and alternative medicine treatment. At Avenue de Tervuren 68-70, 1040 Brussels.

  • Mutualites chretiennes

    Comprehensive medical insurance services. At Boulevard Anspach 111-115, 1000 Brussels.

  • Nationaal Verbond Van Socialistische Mutualiteiten

    Flemish insurance company providing a wide range of policies to cover all aspects of health care. Online services available to keep track of payments and entitlements. At Rue Saint Jean 32-38, 1000 Brussels.

  • Partena

    Health and medical insurance including dental care plus incentives to keep fit with discounts on membership fees at gyms and fitness centres. Tailor made insurance packages. At bte 6, Boulevard Anspach 1, 1000 Brussels.

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